About sharks and vending machines

We sit silently in the office, everyone staring at their screen. The phones are silent, the colleagues in the warehouse next door also (which is a miracle).
After a long time colleague St. takes a deep breath „Hmm, there are more people killed through vending machines as killed by sharks.“
Im confused and my brain needs some time to process that information. Then I reply „Oh really?“
„Yes,“ he replies, getting up and leaning on the back of his chair, „shark attacks kill about 4 people per year, but more die under a vending machine.“
I‚m like „Ok, I can understand that. Finally we encounter far more vending machines in our culture than a vicious shark.“
„No, no, that’s wrong!“, colleague M. turns on in the conversation. „I refer to the well known documentation ‚Sharknado‘, which shows that sharks move on land and fly in the air.“
„Well, well“ considers colleague St., „perhaps it would better to place the vending machines under water, then they won’t fall over.“
„A good idea. But then more people would be killed by sharks on their way to the vending machines.
„That’s right,“ colleague St. replies, „but this would only apply to those who don’t have stocked drinks before. That would probably be a matter of ‚Survival of the fittest.
„But,“ interjects colleague M., „If the vending machines then fall on the sharks, that evens out again, then it will an even game.“
„Hmmm, yes colleague St. nods and I mumble „Yeas, true“.
For a moment there is deep silence, then we sigh, turn back and stare on our screens again.

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